2010 Key Tech Events Retrospective31st December 2010, 3:47pm

2011 is only a few hours away …

A great opportunity to go back in time and share with you a “visual” retrospective of some key influencial events (captured by @rougefrog) that took place in 2010 in Europe, including:

Le Web






TechCrunch Europas


















TechCrunch Geek’n Rolla






For a full retrospective of all 2010, 2009, 2008 events, feel free to visit http://rougefrog.smugmug.com

And to ensure you won’t be missing the coming ones, you can always refer to the NewsFrog calendar (accessible from your laptop and mobile)

Happy New Year 2011.

Introducing NewsFrog a live (mobile) calendar of tech related events in London & Europe12th July 2010, 11:44am

As a result of numerous queries from entrepreneurs and investors on “must attend” tech events in London or Europe, we’ve released NewsFrog.

NewsFrog a live calendar of tech, entrepreneurship and marketing related events, happening in London and Europe.

So whether you’re an entrepreneur, a VC or an investor, you can now keep yourself up to date with educational and networking opportunities, from just one place.

You can add NewsFrog on your desktop:

http://bit.ly/NewsFrogical (iCal)

http://bit.ly/NewsFroghtml (html)

And as “entrepreneurship” rings with “nomadic”, we thought we’ll make it even easier by releasing last week, NewsFrog on mobile

You can access it at: http://m.rougefrog.com/newsfrog.html

If you’re on iPhone, simply :

  1. click on the URL from your phone
  2. press the “+” button (at the bottom)
  3. “Add to home screen” and NewsFrog will appear like a live app, that you can access at any time.
      That’s it, enjoy and feel free to share it with your colleagues, friends, portfolio – sharing is good!… and if you think we’ve missed out on a good event, worth adding to the list, feel free to drop us a line : stephanie at rougefrog dot com.
Le Web 09 post real-time14th December 2009, 1:05am

All things come in threes has proven to be a true fact … as I was attending this week  Le Web conference in Paris, for the third (REAL) time. Although this initiative, orchestrated by Geraldine and Loic Lemeur, was already celebrating this year, its 6th Anniversary.

For those who haven’t heard about “Le Web” conference (yet)  … don’t underestimate that Franglais twist in the name, that brings it live, well beyond “LE French territory”.

Le Web gathered again this year over 2,000 tech-net-web participants from 46 countries. Not to mention that most of the speeches (if not, all) were delivered in English. The event was a great opportunity to network, to gain some insight from well recognized speakers and discover new talents through the European start-ups competition – although, next year’ edition would benefit greatly from more interaction with the audience.

Curiosity and interest were there, media coverage has been truly significant and guess what? it was warm, Internet was in abundance and the food has improved slightly … although my French gourmet origins whispered to me that the Tartiflette and Foie Gras Poêlé from the 2007 Edition remain unbeatable.

Enough said …

Le Web – en photos (courtesy of RougeFrog) (password: leweb09)

Le Web – en videos

(and don’t forget to check the iphone app – it’s worth “le detour” …)

Seedcamp Week Start-ups back to School29th September 2009, 9:58pm


Last week had a feel of “back to school” for all European start-ups in London taking part in Seedcamp, a European-wide programme a la “Y combinator”, which supports (through its extensive network of mentors) and seed fund the greatest next generation of startup teams or should I say … “la crème de la crème” of European entrepreneurs.

Highlights of the 2009 edition:

  • Over 400 applications
  • Over 350 world-class advisors (accross all disciplines)
  • Mini Seedcamp held in 10 countries
  • 22 finalists
  • 6 winners
  • €50K investment per team

Picture 17

Having been a marketing mentor at Seedcamp since day one (2007) , I remain quite impressed by the increasing quality of participating start-up and teams, the extensive network of mentors (investors, entrepreneurs, discipline experts) and the wide range of represented geographies. Looking at the winners list of the 2009 edition, no doubt that Seedcamp now deserves a European, if not global, endorsement:

Boxed Ice (UK) – Server monitoring for all website owners

Brainient (Romania) – Helping video publishers monetize on the increasingly growing video content.

Codility (Poland) – First line of testing of programmers, saving employers a time and money.

Erply (Estonia) – ERP on the web. Comprehensive CRM, accounting, billing and inventory management for SMEs.

Patients Know Best (UK) – Revolutionizing how patients ineract with doctors as a start to better provided care.

Talasim.com (Jordan) – The Comedy Channel of the Middle East, providing a space for self-expression and sharing humor.

Other interesting links covering the week:

A note from Fred Wilson

Techcrunch updates:

Seedcamp data shows the startup trends in Europe

Seedcamp Week 09 recession era start-ups emerge blinking into the light

And at last but not least,

few pictures from Seedcamp Week 2009 (password: seedcamp)


… and the nicely timed after … Moo party (password: moo)


Congratulations to all participants, keep on impressing us!

Going the (26) extra mile (s) 9th September 2009, 12:21pm

Well, here we are!

Autumn is peeking out from behind the last corner of summer, and we’re caught in that familiar place between seasons – resting between warmth & chill, scorching sun & pouring rain, luscious greens & autumnal reds. That beautiful time of year, when the world isn’t quite sure where it wants to be.

And, well, In the spirit of this uncertainty, this “in between” time of the seasons, I thought I needed an “in between” experience of my own: something to bridge the youthful feeling of going back to school, with the maturity and certainty of the grape harvest. And, I think – after a little searching – i’ve found it.


This Saturday 12th of September, I will be joining 8,000 other “epicuriens and epicuriennes”, recognised as “frantic, fun, sporty, crazy, (even tipsy in some rare cases) dressed-up” participants for the 25th edition of Marathon du Medoc – a 42km race across 52 Bordeaux vineyards, all geared toward one theme : CIRCUS.

The marathon organizers are allowing a maximum of 6 hours to complete the run, which gives you just enough time to play a brief blind tasting game on the way (while running), to moisten your lips in a Pauillac (… Margaux, Listrac, Moulis, Saint-Julien and Saint-Estèphe) grand crus, while running across the stunning landscape of the french vineyards. Not to mention that the “Route des Chateaux” is a little bit more rocky that the Thames riversides one would find in London, and above all, a little more abrupt, or should I say, hilly.

But, briefly: why Marathon du Medoc?

1. I’m running to raise money to improve the life condition of people with Alzheimer disease (and support those charities : Alzheimer’s Society and France Alzheimer for personal reasons) 2. I’m running to get the true enjoyment of fine alliance between performance and “joie de vivre” 3. Because it’s more than a marathon, it’s an incredible occasion to meet and socialize with 8,000 other people geared toward the same goal, with that incredible “niaque” 4. and last but not least … cause life is too short so you better enjoy it till it lasts… and what better way to enjoy it than dressing up, drinking fine wine, and running for a good cause!

Enough said. If you want to know more you go: http://www.marathondumedoc.com

If you want to do more, you go: http://www.justgiving.com/stephbouchet http://www.aiderdonner.com/stephaniebouchet

If you want to join the fun and follow the race, you go: http://www.twitter.com/rougefrog http://www.facebook.com/stephanie.bouchet

That’s it for now. glass up to all readers, see you on the departure line!


Hello and welcome20th August 2009, 1:26pm



Here is a quick post to let you know that rougefrog.com is now live.

A very basic and simple site (first iteration, beyond beta…) that should give you and others you may know, a quick snapshot of what RougeFrog does for European start-up and how we could help you with your business. This blog is also here to share with you some marketing tips and insight on the European entrepreneur and start-ups scene.

Don’t expect long text posts (I am visually minded) , this space is more about photos, drawings, charts and videos that will bright up my days and hopefully yours.

Here are few other 2009 sources, where you can find out more about what RougeFrog does:

Up Group

    start-up lucky
    Techcrunch EU



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